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"Without music, life would be a mistake..." Friedrich Nietzsche

I have been asked countless times "what is your style of music?" and every time I find myself at a crossroads. One could easily describe my music using all sorts of familiar terms such as Atonal, Avant-garde, Neo-Romantic, or even Rock 'n' roll, Metal, and Country. The truth is that, from my perspective, these labels confine my music to categories, something I generally prefer to avoid.

I compose while aspiring to find identity and authenticity. Like most other composers and even music lovers of our generation, I am passionate about the search for melody. The process of writing transports me somewhere beyond my current physical state, and I suddenly understand what I am feeling (or not feeling), what I want to say, what message I would like to convey - through music. If the piece lacks the desired individuality and personal statement, or the most comprehensible melody to communicate those elements, I believe that the piece would lose its purpose; it would no longer be a bridge between me and the listener.

At a certain point I understood that music is like language, therefore I needed to fully understand its linguistic elements in order to write the most cohesive, persuasive, and effective story possible. This realization continues to guide me to constantly observe and research, which is why I decided to formally pursue composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where I am studying a wide variety of writing techniques and styles. My ultimate goal is to reach a point where all the musical resources that I acquire over time will function instinctively whenever I am composing.

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