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"I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions..." B.B. King

Everyone remembers their first time. 

A strange man sits before you, and he is holding her - your future best friend, whom you will tell everything while she just sits and listens; who will experience together with you all the ups and downs, happiness and heartache, overwhelming sensations between six strings and a deep void. Love.

I have studied guitar with the best of teachers, learning various techniques, groove, and ultimately how to become a professional guitarist. I have some experience teaching as well, played in ensembles and solo performances, and my students always hear my repeating mantra: There is always where to strive and what to learn.

Classical guitar was my introductory experience to the world of music, where I discovered Spanish and ethnic sounds. It was like a gentle breeze to my ears, a wave of feeling emerging from a few grams of wood. Acoustic guitar is great for expressing harmonic tones, given its generous volume and the soul that it brings. Electric guitar is my main instrument. I play it to convey my most passionate emotions- compassion, fury, joy, and grief.  


Check out my website, YouTube channel and Facebook page to find original pieces, covers, and arrangements inspired by various artists and influences of mine.

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