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"Music comes to me more readily than words..." Ludwig van Beethoven

Within the world of music lie thousands of secrets and options, a never-ending tool chest from which the composer must select with responsibility and care- these are the puzzle pieces that will complete the whole picture. Composition, for me, is the opportunity to expose others to my personal feelings, thoughts, and perspectives. I therefore invite you to take a closer look, through my eyes.

Shattered Images, Three Short Piano Pieces

Shattered Images, Three Short Piano Pieces

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Even as a kid I felt the need to express feeling and communicate what I was thinking in some way, shape, or form that would be even more articulate than speech.

At first, I listened to songs and musical pieces in order to develop an ear for their elemental components. I slowly began to understand the basic instrumental makeup of an ensemble: guitar, bass, drums, and piano. I discovered that the options and textures were endless, and so this piqued my curiosity and motivated my desire to learn more- and that's how I became a composer.