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Musician. Guitarist. Composer.

"Who Are You?"

This is one of the most challenging questions that we encounter, if not the toughest. It is the question to beat all questions. There are so many ways to respond to such a question, so many options. And even if you've already chosen an answer you will, most likely, be dissatisfied with it - because "there is always more". It's kind of like music.

When I was a kid I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (which is no less of a timeless and difficult question). From the moment my dad put on Pink Floyd's album, "The Wall" for the very first time, it was clear to me that I would be a musician. I continue to discover myself and my destiny every day, and so I doubt that I can give a full answer to the greatest question of all, however I am willing to try.

My name is Mor Naaman. I am a musician, composer, guitarist, and arranger. I am also a son, brother, uncle, teacher, and student. Music is my life. It is a profession, hobby, channel for expressing emotion, and one of the ultimate human creations, in my opinion. I believe that music provides a satisfaction and inner imagination on a level that is superior to most other things. This is me.

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